We are designing articles to make them attractive to kids and adults at the same extent. With our toys accompanied by unlimited imagination and natural curiosity, kids can create loads of stories and games. In our opinion, the most important is kids’ reaction and perception towards items that surround them in everyday life.

Simple and modern design of KnockKnock furniture will fit every space, not only children’s room. It is interesting, practical and aesthetical element of interior design.


Every item is designed and produced by ourselves in our small workshop in Gdynia. Because we have our own production facilities, we can create unlimited number of prototypes. Thus making changes and improvements is extremely easy. We are improving our products as long as they fully satisfy us and our young customers.


In our product we are using solid wood or plywood. Ecology and conscious designing and its influence on natural environment is crucial for us. Due to this, we are using only locally growing woods like ash, beech or oak. We are purchasing wood from trusted sources with FSC certificate. Also plywood we are using is safe, it doesn’t contain dangerous glues and it is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Sometimes we are adding print – classical screen print, made with kids’ safe water paints. All prints are handmade.

Our products are tested to check their safety and indestructibility. For instance, our new products are tested in kindergarten, where different groups of preschoolers check their durability. Only after passing the exams, we are putting our goods on sale.